My Opinion

I believe that hunting is immoral and very cruel to the earth’s wildlife. But I also agree that it is very beneficial to the country’s economy and population. If hunting is regulated well and has strict laws that support safe hunting, I believe it is a very good thing for the world to have. But I believe over hunting and the lack of laws and regulation is harming the reputation of hunting, so it is being looked down upon. I do not support the fact that in modern day, hunting exists as a "sport". I don't find hunting innocent animals to be a sport. It should be looked at as animal cruelty, due to the fact that we are causing unnecessary harm to the animals. The animals go through unnecessary pain, which they do not deserve, just for our amusement. I believe that if hunting must occur, it should only be conducting during open season. Open seasons are when hunting is legal and can be participated in. This will help control the animal population, rather than endangering it by hunting at anytime of the year. Ultimately, I believe if hunting can be properly regulated, it can be a very beneficial source of income to a country, and that if the “sport” of hunting is discontinued; it will also be very beneficial to the wildlife.