Regulating Hunting

Hunting has been a major cause of the extinction and endangerment of many species. Most extinction over the past several hundred years are mainly due to over-harvesting for food, fashion, and profit and all of these use hunting to gather their supplies and materials. Hunting, both legal and illegal (poaching), is the main threat to the wildlife. More and more forests are becoming unoccupied and empty due to the killing of animals.

There are many solutions that can be implanted to society, and they are very straight forward. Countries should have more strict laws to regulate when a person is allowed to hunt (hunting seasons), where a person is allowed to hunt (hunting grounds), and what animals are they able to hunt, and the method used to hunt. In Ontario, there are strict laws imposed to become a hunter. The hunter must pass two tests called the Canadian Firearms Safety Course exam and the Ontario Hunter Education Course exam. This will reduce the amount of uneducated hunters, and will decrease over hunting. Strict hunting seasons must be in place, meaning a specific season where the hunter may hunt. This will reduce endangerment, and it will allow natural predation and hibernation to take place. Where hunting is prohibited, the government post signs saying no hunting, or park rangers should be able to give out fines for illegal hunting.

Although the hunters themselves are involved in many programs to help the environment and wildlife, there should be more programs, and even mandatory laws. Such as for each animal that you hunt, the hunter must do something in return to make sure that their footprint has balanced. There should be more mandatory programs which force hunters to help maintain and enhance wildlife and their habitat. Ontario is making progress for hunting because the money from hunter license fees contributes to monitoring and protecting wildlife.

This is an image of hunters and their families giving back to the environment. Making sure the environment is maintained and that the lives of the animals are enhanced.

This graph shows where the income from the licence fees goes towards.