Positive and Negative Affects of Hunting

-Helps maintain certain species of wildlife by keeping the population from exceeding capacity.
-Provides beneficial food source
-Hunters and sportsman provide millions every year to improve wildlife.
-large economic benefit to wild life conservation through hunting equipment taxes, hunting license sales, and usage fees
-Money spent yearly by hunters on equipment, hunting trips, and guide services

-Endangers species if over hunting occurs.
-Interferes with natural predation
-Promotes gun violence
-The current system of wildlife management has been nothing more than a biological, ecological, and social disaster for wildlife populations
-contributes to over population rather than controlling it

Did you Know?
-Hunting has existed since the beginning of the man.
-Hunting is used for recreational purposes (sporting).
-Less than 7% of Americans hunt.
-60% of wildlife are permitted to be hunted.
-More than 200 million animals are killed every year due to hunting.